If you are going to make a comment on any of the posts here, please follow these rules:

These come into effect from the 21st of June 2011.

  1. Keep the comment relevent to the post. If a post if about me being away or ill, please don’t make a comment about another post or ask something in general not related to it. You can ask on the FAQ page or send me an email.
  2. Don’t spam. I have to review each comment and any which promote something unrelated will be deleted. *
  3. Don’t repeat yourself. Each comment I get, WordPress emails me telling me so. If you make more than one comment saying the identical or almost identical thing, only one of thoes comments will be replied to, the others will be deleted.
  4. Be paitent. I do not have all the time in the world to reply to comments the moment they are made. Some may be replied to with in 24 hours, others longer. As with rule 3, please don’t post the same thing more than once.
  5. Don’t ask for private information. Such as the kid’s (models) last names or where they live now. In an agreement with the orphanage carers and their legal guaraidns (at the time we took pictures) I said I would never give out their last name in case they were reconised for being Pinderloy models.
  6. Don’t ask others to share stuff. This blog is not a place to ask others to share files/pictures, so please don’t do it on this blog. Please do it somewhere else.
  7. Don’t post messages all in capital letters. Shouting through the written word is annoying and is harder to read than lower case writing. If you post a comment in all captial letters, it will be deleted.

* – this does not apply to comments on posts about things unrelated to Pinderloy or if a discussion moves onto it.