Hey everyone, sorry this was published a lot longer than I said, but I had to make sure it was worded right.

So, what happened? We had an email come to us to say that Pinderloy was their name and we ignored it because we know otherwise. A few weeks later, we had another one saying this person was disputing the domain name because it was their trademark, we had to get a lawyer at this point because I know nothing about trademark laws or any of this kind of stuff and he advises us to not use or update the site (being the site its self or emails) or sites related to Pinderloy (that being this blog and Twitter) so we don’t, which is why you did not see anything for a while. We argue that we have had the name since the early 2000s and lots of other things to say why it was ours. We even gave them the address of the orphanageΒ  which is something I really didn’t like to do but in the end, we won the case because we proved that we were here first, so to speak among some other things.

This was all over by the end of June and then we hear about the flooding in Russia so we check with the orphanage and some things had been a little damaged by the rain such as the roof and guttering so we head over there to fix it all and get it sorted. We arrived back on the 17th and took a few days rest before getting in contact with the internet again.

So here we are.