Finally got round to finishing this:

Ok, so this is the project I’ve been working on and now that its open (slightly) I should tell you what it is all about.

As being a member on several feet forums, I have seen the frequent cases of the sites either being closed down for one reason or another or that posts and images can sometimes be years old and have since been deleted before I and other new people have had a chance to see or save them.

To combat this, having images directly on the server will stop them from being deleted at any time with out  knowledge. It does not mean that they will stay there forever but means that if they do get deleted, it is because of a server error or copyright take down notice meaning anyone (new or old) can access both new and old images.

The only problem being that this will cause a lot of images being on the server and it can only hold so many, meaning if it was to keep on growing, we would have to charge people for using it. This is what I plan to do, but I shall explain that later on.

The way I am formatting the site is as follows:

  • will be the “main site” where you can register, make payments and view other related information.
  • The gallery will be on a sub domain and you will be able to access it after logging in.
  • Special or Private area (to be decided) for users to chair their own images outside of the gallery.

The charging

Yes I said that I would be charging people to access it, but here is where it is different. I will be running a scheme where, if you submit pictures and videos to the gallery, you will get a discount on that month’s price.

Here is an example: Say the normal price to enter is £20 a month. A high quality picture would take off £2 of the payment per picture, so you would need to submit only 10 pictures to get that month free and if you are like me, you should have a collection with several thousand images and they would last you quite a while. The same would apply to videos taking into consideration their quality, length and how long feet is shown for and if you become a contributor (ie, making your own work to be uploaded) you get free access for the time you contribute.

This also filters out lurkers by getting content for free and not contributing but they can still access it if they pay.

What will be allowed?

I will be going along the same rules as one of the major forums I am a member on which is basically no sexual content, no sexual poses and nothing what could be seen as sexual. Anyone who disobeys this rule can expect to be banned.

What will it look like?

In the end, the gallery will look something like this. There is 2 bits of software which I can use to make a site like this. One being Shimmie (using the example) and another is Gelbooru (example NSFW). Shimmie is easier to install but has less permissions than Gelbooru. So I will be experimenting to make sure that only registered users can access it. I will be working with some people to help make the site secure from non-registered users so if you know about PHP and MySQL, get it touch!

It looks nice but how can I find something?

The way to search for something is to use tags on the images, for example, a search with the tags “girl sole” will bring back sole pictures of girls. Easy enough right?

Will Pinderloy stuff be on there?

No, Pinderloy will be on its own site.

I have questions!

Then leave a comment or send me a message :).