After some talk with my host, the emails are working as they should now. I can now see which of my inboxs have new mail any my word, I’ve got some replying to do. Sorry once again if your email hasn’t been replied to.

After our time in Russia, it was time to head home. One of the new kids became rather attached to us and didn’t want us to leave (bless) and wanted to be “one of the pinderloy kids” and be tickled. She is so sweet, if only we could take her with us 😦 We have to pinky sware that we would Skype her every day before we could leave and that we could come back (which is what we are going to do at christmas as a surprise).

We are now heading back to the UK and should be back there in a few days time.

Hopefully I won’t “die” this time 😉

Take care all 🙂