Please note that this is a copy of what has already been published on the Pinderloy site here.

You have probably seen the yellow banner on the front page and across the website about an “illegal entrance”. Hopefully this will clear up what is going on.

The server I am on has a plug in called Awstats. This allows me to see information about the website such as visitors, where visitors have came from (clicking on links or from search engines), the keywords used in search engine searches and so forth. This blog post is an example.

On Monday the 14th of March 2011, I did a check to see what the latest stats were and to my horror, I found that someone had come to Pinderloy through an illegal search.

Screen shot of the illegal enterance to pinderloy.

Now, I will not allow this to happen on Pinderloy. I have sent an email to my host asking for the IP address of who came to Pinderloy using that search and I will be reporting it to various law enforcement agencies and will help them fully if I need to do so. If the Notice page did not get through to you then let me say it again.

This website does NOT contain any children pornography or sadism about children. This websites does not have any nude images of children or children is suggestive poses.