After a few emails asking for when the old videos will be coming back as they never got a chance to get them. They are coming. I have managed to find over 120 videos around and I shall be bringing them back as soon as I can 🙂

I also got an email asking for “Lesbian feet lick”. Sadly, I do have to be serious about the following things.

First off, using the word lesbian or any word on sexuality on a website what is essentially about children is the kind of thing what gets them closed down. If you was a parent and saw that images of your daughter with the word lesbian, you would not want it there. It looks even worse when law enforcement look at it. As for the licking, I will explain that at a later date.

When the specialized, generally specialized and general request (will explain later) features are up I won’t do or approve any what have perverse aspects.  I can’t really make a list of all the allowed and disallowed things as the list would be very long, so I will do it on a case by case basis. The general rule for disallowed things are things what are illegal or would be considered very wrong by parents. An example of that would be one request I got in 1999 for a scene with full nudity.

If you are thinking of having requests done and are not sure if they would be allowed or not, send me an email.