….those darn spam bots keep following me everywhere!

Yes, pinderloy has had its first spam message. Hopefully this is a one off and I wont see another. My personal email address already has 286 email addresses blacklisted since the start of 2011. I was asked why I write my email addresses as Chris – at – pinderloy.org. Well here is why:

You know how Google uses web spiders to search the web? Spammers have the same thing except they look for and collect email addresses, like this someone@somewhere.com and they add them to their database and spam it.

So to stop my inboxs getting spammed to glory I don’t include the @ symbol so the spiders don’t collect them. So I use “- at -” for where the @ symbol should be. It is even suggested here, here, here and even here. Just google “Munge your address” or “how to avoid spam bots” for more information.